Online Test-taking Tips

Studying is only a part of getting good results on an online test, quiz, or exam. No matter how hard you study as a student, if you don't know how to go about preparing for and taking an online test, you won't achieve the highest possible score. However, issues that commonly cause the most confusion for students often have nothing to do with how to take the test in Blackboard. Rather, some of the most common test-related questions that students ask include have to do with course navigation and timing:

  1. Where do I find the test link in the Blackboard course?

  2. When is the test link going to be available, and how long is it going to be available?

  3. How much time do I have to complete the test?

Be sure that you know the answers to these questions well before any tests, quizzes, or exams need to be taken. If you’re not sure, ask your instructor!

You should also review the “How do I take a test, quiz, exam, or survey in Blackboard Learn?” FAQ, which provides detailed recommendations that will help you prepare to take online tests. Remember, if you run into problems while taking a test, be sure to contact your instructor immediately to let him or her know. 

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